5. / 6. / 7.  place M20

JEC Switzerland

sprint relay / middle / long

At the beginning of October I was selected to take part in the Junior European Cup in Valais. In all three races I consistently showed very good races and ran into the top ten.  A perfect end to the season!

1. place

swiss championship


After a small mistake in the starting part I managed a very good run with good route choices and hardly any uncertainties.  With a fantastic scenery in alpine terrain above Ftan in Graubünden this race was a real highlight.

8. /  19.

junior world championship

relay / middle

At my first Junior World Championship I didn't get an exploit, but some very nice results. The terrain in Kecskemét, Hungary, was flat and technically challenging in the middle distance.


3. place H18

EYOC / Slowakei


In the first race of the European Youth Championship in Slovakia I managed a great run. The very physical sprint, due to the steep terrain, called for a lot of things, which had to be solved by difficult route choices.

1. place H18

swiss championship

night-o, team-o

Equipped with a night lamp I won the Swiss championship title in the night-o in spring. I was also able to celebrate gold in the last competition of the season in team orienteering with Tino Polsini and Melvin Marti.

35. place elite

Jukola / Finnland

biggest o-relay of the world

OLV Baselland was ranked 35th out of 1600 teams in the world's most important popular sports relay in the fight against Scandinavian professional clubs. The 7 runner relay starts at dawn and runs all night long. With the 30th best time on my track I was able to make a contribution to the great team result.


5. place M18

EYOC / Polen

long distance

Because I was one of the younger ones in the category, I started the first race without any great expectations. For a long time I was able to run very well in the technically demanding terrain. Towards the end, however, I made a very big mistake which cost me the medal.

6. place

EYOC / Polen


In very hot weather this relay became physically demanding. I ran together with Silvan Ullmann and Andrin Gründler. As a starter runner I really had to fight. For a long time we were within reach of the medals, but the diploma is also a great success. 

1. place

swiss championship

middle distance

The Swiss championship over the middle distance took place in Möhlin. In a rather uncommonly flat forest it was worthwhile to run as directly as possible. With a small margin I won gold over Andrin Gründler.


2. place M16

EYOC / Rumänien

long distance

In my first international race I became Vice European Youth Champion. The race in Cluj Napoca in Romania took place in heavy rain. After two mistakes shortly after the start I managed a very good run. The gap in the finish was only 37s to the winner.


sport promotional award Baselland


I was awarded by the cantonal government of Baselland for my international results. The prize of CHF 5,000 was handed over to me at a ceremony in front of prominent politicians. Marco Streller won the sports prize.

1. place/ M16

swiss championship

night-o, long distance, team-o

I was able to celebrate three Swiss championship titles this year. In the spring I won a mass start race at night, in the summer in a hard long distance race at Gurnigel and in late autumn in the team-o with Tino Polsini and Melvin Marti.

aus Münchenstein, BL

im B-Kader von Swiss Orienteering

25 Jahre alt




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