goals 2019

Top 10

Junior World Championship in Danmark

The six best juniors will be selected for the JWOC. The terrain in Denmark is a bit similar to the Swiss Mittelland, although it is usually faster to run on.  The forest competitions take place around Silkeborg, the sprint in Aarhus.

change from junior team to elite team 


The senior team of Swiss Orienteering is one of the best and most professional in the world and a selection for it would help me a lot to improve in the long run.


selection for world cup

Being able to compete against the world's best in my first senior seasons is a great dream and motivation for my daily training.

World Championships in Flims 2023 (not yet definitively assigned)

Swiss Orienteering has applied with good chances for the 2023 World Championships with Flims as destination. You can dream :)

aus Münchenstein, BL

im B-Kader von Swiss Orienteering

25 Jahre alt




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