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Gymnasium Münchenstein

Anders Holmberg [coach]

motivation, discipline


OLV Baselland

Järla Orientering

cross-country skiing, road cycling

german, english

When I was seven years old, I ran an o-race alone for the first time. Equipped only with a map and compass, I ran across the Ballenberg. My sport has fascinated me ever since. The combination of running, orienteering and the experience of nature is unique. Each orienteering is different. The competitions and trainings often take place in an unknown terrain.


Thanks to very good funding sources, such as the regional junior team and the national junior team, I can work well on my deficits. I work very closely with the former Swedish top runner Anders Holmberg, from whose experience I can benefit greatly. Focusing on technical, mental and physical improvement helps me to improve.


I finished high school last summer and am currently on a training and language stay in Stockholm. In February I start studying economics in Basel.

aus Münchenstein, BL

im B-Kader von Swiss Orienteering

25 Jahre alt




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