Ziele 2019

World Cup Finland

My goal is very clear, that I want to be successful at the World Cup in Finland as well as there.

World Cup Laufen, Switzerland

The World Cup in Laufen would be a home race for me. I am particularly motivated to select myself for this World Cup.


WOC 2020 Denmark

My goal is to get selected for the World Championships in Denmark in 2020.

WOC 2023 Flims, Switzerland

Switzerland is candidate for the 2023 World Cup in Flims. Should the World Championships also take place in Flims, it would be my dream to become World Champion at the World Championships in Flims.

aus Münchenstein, BL

im B-Kader von Swiss Orienteering

26 Jahre alt




Bilder von: William Hollowell, Orienteering Focus,  Red Bull, EON Orienteering, Christian Aebersold, Anderes Format und weiteren.