8th place

Test race European Championships

Middle distance

At the test race for the European Championships in Ticino I managed an almost perfect run and finished 8th.


This was an even bigger success, because two weeks before I made a misstep. The fast treatment in the Rennbahnclinic enabled me to make an exact diagnosis and to train accordingly.

2nd place

Test race Student World Championships

Long distance

The first two test races were not quite convincing. The pressure was all the higher because I wanted to go to the Student World Championships.


At the long distance I quickly found the rhythm and had a good run. Towards the end I was over the limit and got cramps... But I fought my way to the finish and the effort was rewarded: I was selected for the Student World Championship!

14th place

Student World Championships, Finland

Long distance

The Student World Cup was my big goal this year. The preparations were optimal and made this 14th place possible.


Technically, I ran very precisely and it was great fun to be on the road in this difficult terrain despite the very strenuous underground.


4th place

SOLA-Relay, Zürich

with Est.1996

In the autumn of 2016, we founded the team' Est. 1996' made up of orienteering runners born in 1996. We still have a great team spirit, which is very motivating and surely a part of our success. At SOLA we were able to finish in 4th place of about 1'000 teams.

1st place

Redbull Alpitude Arosa


After my knee injury I was able to celebrate my first victory before World Champion Daniel Hubmann thanks to technically well thought-out tactics. They gained points by catching as many controls as possible with a high score.

2nd place

8. Nationaler OL, Rigi

forest sprint

On the Rigi at the National Competition I had a technically and physically excellent run. All the more so that the good feeling was rewarded with a good result.


5th place 

JWOC / Engadine

middle distance

The home junior World Championship (JWOC) was my highlight in my time as a junior. I had a lot of fun walking in front of home fans. A dream came true for me with a 5th place in the middle distance.

2nd and 5th place

JEC / Scotland

relay and sprint

After the JWOC, I was able to show my top shape at the Junior-CUP (JEC) again. I also ran very stable on foreign terrain like in Scotland. It was a great international end as a junior.


Sport promotional award

of the canton Baselland


After my most successful season (2016) I got the sports promotional award by the government of Baselland. It is a great honour for me to have received this award!


2nd place M20

Test race JWOC

Long distance

For the international competitions you have to get selected. Thanks to stable runs I scored one of 6 places for the JWOC.

6th place 

JWOC / Norway


At my first Junior World Championships in Rauland in Norway I gained a lot of new experiences. In the last race I managed a great run and together with Pädi and Joey it was enough for a diploma with the 6th place.

1st place m20

10. Nationaler OL

long distance

Also at the last national competition I was fully prepared and collected with the victory even more motivation for the winter training.

aus Münchenstein, BL

im B-Kader von Swiss Orienteering

26 Jahre alt




Bilder von: William Hollowell, Orienteering Focus,  Red Bull, EON Orienteering, Christian Aebersold, Anderes Format und weiteren.